forget the cv. forget the different 'selves'.

As a writer (and spinner) of words, I am adept at summing myself up into neat explanations, depending on who is asking and what kind of cocktail party I am attending. Here are a few examples:

  • A creative professional and storyteller with over nine years of combined experience in copywriting, feature writing, public relations and project management.
  • A communications consultant specialising in content creation, social strategy and relationship management.
  • A songwriter, singer and music video editor.

We no longer live in a compartmentalised society that separates ‘work self’ from ‘weekend self’ (thanks internet, social media and the new economy*), which is why all of the above statements are personally true and professionally relevant. 

When you work with me in a professional capacity, you are working with the same person who has a book club for Radical Readers, writes features, songs, poetry, and who most likely has a very strong opinion on where to find the best soy piccolo in East London. 

Both personal and professional experiences inform my consultancy and copywriting, and hey, you want a human at the end of the day, right? The robots aren’t here yet**.

* Further reading for your inquisitive self: FastCompany on The New Economy, being a 'Slasher' via The Huffington Post and deciding whether or not a Portfolio Career is right for you with Forbes.

**Ok, so the robots are here but thankfully they haven’t taken my job. Will they take yours?